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Land Acknowledgement

The COVID-GEA Project honors the ancestral stewards of the Indigenous lands included in our study areas in Alaska and Nenets Region. Among these stewards are the Eklutna Dena'ina, the K’enaht’ana, the Iñupiat, and the N’eney N’enet’s’ (Nenets). We acknowledge and respect their knowledge and wisdom.

The George Washington University resides on the traditional and ancestral homelands of the Piscataway and Anacostan peoples, who have served as stewards of the region for generations.


Arctic Languages Map (Indigenous Peoples Secretariat, 2019),

Our home page photo collage includes the elements of traditional diamond-cut patterns of the Iñupiat People.

Apok_BethHarrisphotography25 (1).jpg

Photo credits go to Dr. Marya Rozanova-Smith, Dr. Charlene Apok, Beth Harris, Dr. Andrey Gretsov, and the Shutterstock photographers.  


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