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Arctic Gender Response Tracker

The Arctic COVID-19 Gender Response Tracker (COVID-GEA Tracker) methodology is based on the COVID-19 Global Gender Response Tracker co-created by UNDP and UN Women. The Arctic Tracker monitors policy measures introduced by the Arctic countries’ governments to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on gender-responsive policies. These policies directly address women’s economic and social security, including unpaid care work, the labor market, and violence against women.


The COVID-GEA Tracker presents policies starting March 1, 2020. It includes national measures for Canada, Finland, Greenland (the Kingdom of Denmark), Norway, and Sweden.


While most existing trackers primarily focus on indicators at the national level, the novelty of the COVID-GEA Tracker is that, in addition to national/federal policies, it aggregates measures of regional/municipal government/tribal council’s COVID-19 responses in three project study sites.


In addition, the COVID-GEA Tracker includes information about COVID-19 Task Forces at different levels of governance, particularly highlighting gender composition. The COVID-GEA Tracker is based on publicly available information, including official documents, the UN COVID-19 Global Gender Response Tracker data, the World Bank expert materials, and the research support of the COVID-GEA research project’s team.


October 13-16, 2022 

Reykjavík, Iceland


Arctic Circle Assembly 


Session: Arctic Urban Communities: Building Resilience Amid and Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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